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Everyone has a story. Here’s mine. I have traveled the world of New Hampshire first as a teacher, then a salesman and finally a minister. In addition to publishing articles on social and cultural issues, I have founded two award-winning non-profits and counseled people on issues ranging from finances and fitness to parenting and substance abuse. Now that I’m all grown up (my wife would dispute this) I am anxious to share lessons I’ve learned to un-crazy my life – and yours!

My newest book, “LifeDeck” teaches you how to balance your life day by day. We were made for that. In Jesus words, “I came that they might have life and have it to the full.” My 4 Corners blog is a great way to focus on one area of life each day: the spiritual, physical, financial and relational. The key to un-crazy your life is to live intentionally, allowing God to help you control the flow of events and make sense of them.

My passion is to inspire people to live a balanced life in the 4 corners. Get inspired every Monday morning by receiving my weekly post here.

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