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“LifeDeck offers very practical advice for those seeking to intentionally bring balance to their overly-busy lives. Covering the four corners of our daily lives, Greg makes uplifting suggestions for how to enjoy an abundant life with God.”
Stephen Macchia is founder and president of Leadership Transformations and is the author of ten books including Becoming A Healthy Church  and Crafting A Rule of Life
LifeDeck provides a clear and unique approach to balancing the demands of our personal lives. Through stories and practical application, Greg presents a compelling model of how to bring order and meaning to a season of life that may seem out of control. Married couples can definitely enrich their relationship by using the strategies presented in LifeDeck.”
Willie Batson is the Founder and President of Family Builders Ministries and the author of Tools for a Great Marriage and Tools for a Great Marriage Devotional.
“If we’re not careful, our lives can quickly become overwhelming! In LifeDeck Greg offers practical tools to help us intentionally add balance to the four corners of life.”
Don Davis, two-time Super Bowl champion, former chaplain for the New England Patriots, and regional director for the NFL Players’ Association
LifeDeck is refreshment for the soul, filled with wisdom for the ‘four corners’ of life.  I found it to be an easy read since it is carefully written with principles and applications for life as well as great quotes and personal stories. Greg is an Onesiphorus who refreshes others!”
Rick John, Senior Pastor, Bible Hills Fellowship Church, Aurora, Colorado

Raising Mom

A Surprising Journey through Alzheimer’s into the Arms of God



“Greg Lull’s book is very helpful and has a humble and loving tone, as he writes for adults who are deciding how to care for their aging parents as they slip into dementia or Alzheimer’s. I was impressed with his careful handling of his mother, his family, and his desire to do what was right for all who would be involved and affected. If only all adult children of parents who are losing cognitive skills, could be as sensitive, and clearly focused on the unselfish task of care for them, there would be many more happy and peaceful “older parents.”

Valerie Elliot Shepard (Daughter of Elisabeth Elliot)

“Greg Lull has given us a lot of food for thought in these careful reflections on caring for his mother during her decline into dementia. This is a powerful and useful work for every caregiver as well as for professional providers in the fields of Pastoral Care and Counseling. This is a powerful and important project. The careful documentation of the journey through Alzheimer’s is well designed. Of particular importance is the description of the gradual nature of the onset of the more severe aspects of the dementia. The way you worked within the system is helpful for those who are in a similar situation. Your willingness to be vulnerable is also a great help in humanizing the process. I found the description of dealing with Zeb of particular importance as an illustration of managing such small but critical issues.”

Raymond F. Pendleton, PhD
Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling
Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary