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  • “LifeDeck.” Interesting title, where did it come from?
    The book is based upon the words of Jesus in John 10. Talk about that and about Jesus’ prescription for our lives.
  • Boil it down for us. What do you want the reader to take away from this book?
  • You speak in the book of the “four corners of life.” Please explain.
    But don’t our lives overlap those four corners? We don’t live in one corner at a time, right?
    How is LifeDeck different from other self-help books?
  • You share in the book your experience of caring for your mother with Alzheimer’s. How did that experience inform this book?
  • Our lives can become crazy from time to time. How does someone start achieving balance in their lives?
  • Toward the end of the book, you say that LifeDeck is more about managing life than controlling it. What do you mean?
  • Where does God fit into all of this? What is the balance between our part and His part in living a balanced life?


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