I have a kind of rule about taking advice. It needs to be from someone who meets three conditions: the person must be wise, must be committed to my welfare and must have a good track record of giving me good advice. My wife meets all of these conditions and has always been my most trusted advisor, but there are others.
Of course these are qualities that can only know over time, but they are essential to staying on the right path in life. Have you ever read the story of Rehoboam? It’s found in the Book of 2 Chronicles in the Old Testament. Rehoboam was in line to be the King of Israel after the death of his father who had made life miserable for his people. The people came to his son and asked if he would lighten their load.
Rehoboam did the right thing at first. He said, “Give me three days to think about it.” He spent those days seeking advice. First the old men in the kingdom told him to be good to the people and they would be his servants forever. But the young men advised him to make life even more miserable for them so as to force their devotion.
You probably know what happened. There was a revolt and Israel withdrew from the Kingdom. Basically Rehoboam’s decision to follow bad advice destroyed a nation. Now that’s bad advice!
Advice is no substitute for good judgment and personal growth in life, but it comes in handy along the way. I’m thankful for the small circle of people who have proven they care enough about me to offer good advice, whether I choose to take it or not. Knowing your limitations is just as important as having good judgment. When you’ve reached your limit, that’s the time to seek advice.
Just be careful in choosing your advisors.Which Way to Go - 3 Colorful Arrow Signs